At the moment I am so obsessed with using cruelty free beauty products, so this post is going to be about two items I have recently bought from Lush. Their bubblegum lip scrub and ‘boom’ toothy tabs. Here is a wee piccy of both items:

Let’s start off by talking about the lip scrub. I feel like I am a bit behind in the trends in buying this scrub because years ago I always say everyone raving about it, but I never felt the need to purchase a lip scrub. If I’m honest,even now I am just giving into curiosity to see what the hype was about. The first thing that drew me in with this product was the BRIGHT pink colour in the wee tub, since I am such a girly girl I was a total sucker for this. Next thing I noticed was the beautiful sweet smell I got when I opened the tub, it has a similar smell to the snow fairy line also in Lush. Totally amazing. In terms of actual scrubbing, this product is good, nothing really special to me. I use this just before I start doing my make up, and when I put my lipstick on it does noticeable look and feel better on my lips. However, I don’t get chapped lips or anything so I feel like I don’t get the full benefit of the product. I would give this a 7.5/10.

The ‘boom’ toothy tabs is definitely my favourite out of the two products. Within the first couple of uses my teeth became instantly lighter. I am someone who is deeply paranoid about my teeth, I don’t feel like they are nicely shaped so I try to do everything I can to whiten them naturally. I use whitening toothpaste, I’ve tried coconut oil but neither have been as effective and fast acting as the toothy tabs. However, the negative to this is a slightly bitter taste to start off with – it’s like a mixture of pepper/coke and sea salt. After a while of brushing you get familiar to the taste and after a few uses it gets less potent too, but at first it can be quite off putting. I would rate this product 10/10 for it’s almost instant effects.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my new buys from Lush,

Siobhan x