It’s only been quite recent that I have developed a skin care routine. I’ve been one of those teenagers who has actually been quite lucky in the fact they didn’t get many spots or anything, so I just never really cared. However, a couple of months ago my foundation started to look really bad on my skin and it became quite an insecurity of mine so I decided that it was time then to start using products to take care of my skin. I’m gonna post a photo of each product I use so that you all know exactly what it is 🙂

The first thing I do is take off my make up. I use the garnier micellar water with some cotton pads.

Secondly, I scrub my face with this Avon black head clearing scrub. This stuff is amazing and I couldn’t recommend it enough, my skin feels so refreshed and soft to touch afterwards.

Next I use tea tree oil from the Body Shop, for a while I had a couple reoccurring spots on my face that I just couldn’t get rid of so I bought this product. It’s design is to get rid of blemishes, spots and marks from your skin, the “imperfections”. Although I said in the beginning that I don’t often get spots, when I do have them it’s something I am so paranoid and self concious about that it’s almost never off my mind. That is why I was so excited about this product, and I do see a general improvement in my skin in the first couple weeks since I’ve bought it. 

Next, I put a face mask on. There are three face masks I choose from, I like to use a different one every night and alternate between the three. All of these are amazing, however my personal favourite is the Himalayan charcoal mask as my skins is so soft and I can really feel the mask working in my pores too. The blue corn cleansing mask was the first product I ever bought from the Body Shop and as you will notice since most products on this list are Body Shop it wasn’t the last, so I was very impressed with the quality. My least favourite out of the three masks would have to be the tea tree, I bought this for the skin clearing properties but it is probably just as affective as the oil I purchased and using both probably doesn’t get rid of my spots any quicker.

Lastly, I moisturise. The two products I use for moisturising my face are the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask and Vitamin E Eye Cream. Both products are amazing and I couldn’t recommend them enough. The Drops of Youth Mask has such a bouncy costistency in the tub, so the name doesn’t lie. It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated for when I wake up, so it’s the perfect night time moisuriser. The eye cream got rid of the dark circles under my eyes within the first couple days of using it. For a teenager the dark circles under my eyes were ridiculous, I was tired of constantly having to put extra foundation under my eyes or simply look like my eye shadow was a mess and fell under my eyes, but not anymore. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my skincare routine☺️

Siobhan x