Ever since I first began to get interested in make-up, I thought as far as eye shadow palettes went the Urban Decay ones where the best around. However, this year since I have most of their palettes I decided to change up my brands and I ordered a Too Faced one.

The first thing that became so appealing with this palette was the packaging, as it the box is designed like a foil wrapped chocolate bar it feels as if you are unwrapping something from the make-up version of Willy Wonka. The scent of chocolate when you open the palette as well only helps to make the product more irresistible. I have mentioned before I am a sucker for girly things, and the box is designed with pale pink and gold the two colours look so beautiful together. The outside of the palette itself is designed to look like an actual chocolate bar too.




Before I begin to talk about the shades individually, here’s a photo of the inside of the palette and swatches I took from the palette (the swatches are not in a straight line because I was incapable of getting them that way)-



In this photo, the shades start at the bottom with Glided Ganache right through all the shades to Champagne Truffle at the top of the photo.

Gilded Ganache is a dark chocolate brown with caramel undertones and a yellowed bronze shimmer. The texture was nice and soft without it being powdery.

White Chocolate is a more warm toned beige shade, this is a little hard to see on my arms as I am considerably pale. This shade was super soft, almost with a sort of buttery texture and really build-able. I would use this shade as a good base for other shadows.

Milk Chocolate is a warm-toned brown with reddish-yellow undertones and a matte finish. This shade was smooth to apply and easy to blend out.

Black Forest Truffle is one of my favourite shades from the whole palette. This is a burgundy-brown with a nice gold shimmer, I think this is one of the most . The texture was a little drier and grittier than some other shades.

 Triple Fudge is one of the deeper and darker shades in the palette, this one I am not too keen on but would still use it in some looks. The texture is soft and the shade is actually more build-able than what it looks like when first applied.

Salted Caramel is another shade that I adore, I love this warm-toned orange with a little hint of brown through it. This is another matte shade in the palette, the colour looks excellent on the lid but it is a little too soft to apply so can be a little bit powdery.

Marzipan is a beautiful, warm toned peachy shade with a nice frosted finish. The texture was soft, smooth and easy to apply. Again, this shade is one of my favourites from the palette. I love the nice shimmer you get when it’s applied.

Semi-Sweet is a medium-dark brown shade with reddish undertones through it and a matte finish. The texture of this was super soft, so it became a tiny bit powdery.

Strawberry Bon Bons is one of the more cooler shades in this palette, this light pink perfectly reflects the colour of an actual bon bon so the name is very accurate. This is a light-medium pink shade which is very build-able with a matte finish.

Candied Violet is a smoky violet with cool undertones and a multi-colour shimmer. This shade is very dry and not easy to work with, it’s not build-able or blend-able at all. This is probably the worst shade in the palette in my opinion.

Amaretto is a warm toned, medium-dark brown with reddish undertones throughout with a frosted sheen. This is another shade that was so soft to use the texture was close to being buttery.

Hazelnut is a medium-dark bronze with hints of gold through it finished with  a soft, frosted sheen. This is another shade where it was so soft it became a tiny bit powdery.

Creme Brulee is a darker shade of gold with warm undertones throughout with a rich, metallic finish. This is one of the best shades in the palette, and I think it would work well alongside Marzipan.

Haute Chocolate is a muted, dark brown with warm undertones through it and a metallic finish. The texture of this shade was so rich and smooth.

Cherry Cordial is one of the more different shades in this palette and one I am most excited to try out. This is a shade is a plummy colour with some shimmer over a matte base. I think this shade would look good with Black Forest Truffle so I can’t wait to put them together in a look.

Champagne Truffle is a brightened, pink/golden shade with a metallic finish. This shade has an amazing shimmer to it so would look good under the brow bone, the colour is rich but unfortunately in the photo of the swatches I took it is hard to see due to the angle of the photo and against my pale skin.

My overall opinion of this palette is that I am so SO impressed, and I cannot wait to buy more Too Faced products. I would say this is a higher quality than most UD palettes, and a better deal as UD palettes cost more and you only receive 12 shades instead of 16. I would say there is only one low quality shade in this palette, Candied Violet, and this is redeemed as there is such a variety of the types of shades and such a range of colours. I would give this palette a 10/10.

If anyone has any other Too Faced products to recommend to me I would so appreciate it as I can see myself becoming obsessed, thank you all for reading I hope everyone likes my review.

Siobhan x