Hi everyone, in this post I am going to be reviewing the Zoeva Blanc Fusion palette. This is one of the newer eye shadow palettes Zoeva have introduced. I was given this as a present for Christmas from my bestie who clearly knows me so well buying me amazing make-up.

First thing to talk about is the packaging, the palette is covered by a thin cardboard protector which slides off for you to get to the palette. The palette is sleek and sturdy, the same as the other Zoeva palettes. Both the protector and the palette have the same cream background with a golden triangular pattern on top. The golden design on the packaging gives the impression of luxury, which is nice considering this palette is priced at an affordable £18 on Beautybay and Cult Beauty.

blanc fusion packaging.jpg

All of the 10 eye shadows in this palette are at a very high standard. There are 5 shimmer shades and 5 matte shades. These shadows are very pigmented and when applying the shadows go on velvety smooth with minimal or no fall out which is good. Overall, this palette has a good mix of cool and warm tones throughout with a few bright pops of colour like golden yellows. This palette has a good selection of shadows varying from satins, mattes, metallics and pearl finishes. blanc-fusion

blanc fusion swatches.jpg

The swatches I took are a bit messy, still trying to master how to get them in a straight line on my arm. The photo above was my second attempt. I swear it is more difficult than it looks and I am not just totally dim. The shades go as followed:

Noble – a pearly white shade with a golden sheen, this is a nice icy highlighting shade perfect for the inner corner of the eye. .

Single Orgin – a light cool toned gold with a shimmery finish. This shade looks best when applied to the eyelids, it is a very build able colour.

Visions of Gold – a bright yellow gold with a satin finish. This is probably one of the most out there shades in the palette, definitely the brightest. This shade is definitely something out of my comfort zone so I don’t know how much I will use it.

Late Bloomer – a lovely orange gold with a metallic finish. This is one of my favourite shades in the palette, I think this will be paired nicely with Questions of Taste. 

Sweetness Lingers – a light brown with taupe undertones and a metallic finish.

Travel Inspired – this shade is super hard to see in the photo of the swatches, partly due to my pale skin but more than likely due to the bad lighting. This shade is a creamy beige with a matte finish.

Joy in a Box – a cool toned light brown with a creamy matte finish.

Conched – a medium dark brown with a matte finish. I think this shade will be paired nicely with Sweetness Lingers.

Questions of Taste – a warm caramel toned brown with a matte finish.

Last Bite – a cool toned matte dark brown. This is the darkest colour in the shade, and it isn’t very intense so if people are going for quite a smokey or dark look they would probably have to dip into another palette to find a deeper/darker brown.

blanc fusion different angle.jpg

I have already noted that the overall quality of this palette is amazing, as is all Zoeva products I have tried. I think this palette has a good variety in their shades and you would be able to create many looks from it. Other good things about this palette are that the shadows are enriched with vitamin E and free of parabens, mineral oils and perfume. Zoeva is also a cruelty free brand which is another reason to buy from them.

Hope you all enjoyed reading,

Siobhan  x