Hiii everyone, sorry I feel like it has been so long since I last posted which is not keeping up with my promise of blogging more consistently. However, I have been planning and prepping for more posts so points to me for some decent organisational skills. Today I am writing about the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, this is the first eye shadow palette I have ever used from the brand and given the hype around it I have very high expectations.

Let’s talk about the packaging. The first photo is a picture of the cardboard box that was protecting the palette. The second photo is the actual palette, both the box and palette are similar in colour and pattern however the palette is velvet. So many people hate velvet and can’t stand it, but I’m the opposite I love it. I think it such a nice and soft texture. The packaging looks super pink in these photos but it’s actually got a few lilac tones through it which is nice, this is a really nice and aesthetically pleasing colour.


The colours in this palette range from a mix of warm neutral colours to berries and pink colours. The pink shades are a little bit more out of my comfort zone and I am so excited to use them and try it out after seeing so many beautiful cranberry toned looks from this palette. There are 14 eye shadows all together, the majority of shades are matte (11 matte and 3 shimmer shades). The first thing I noticed when I was doing my swatches was the texture of the eyeshadow is SO soft and creamy but a little bit powdery at the same time. The good thing is it isn’t even a little bit dry. The colours of this palette blend so beautifully together it is amazing.



Now, I KNOW I apologise every time I do swatches in this reviews because I am just so bad at them. I genuinely don’t understand how I am so incapable of putting eyeshadow in a straight line on my arm. Another apology as it is basically impossible to see the first colour I swatched on my arm 1) because I am deathly pale and, 2) because of my shitty bedroom lighting and iPhone camera. The first shade is at the bottom of the piccy and then works it’s way up to the last shade at the top.

Tempera – a velvetty beige with peachy tones throughout and a matte finish.

Golden Ochre – earthy, medium-dark yellow with olive tones and a matte finish. This is a great transition shade.

Vermeer – a bright, light peach with warm undertones and a frosted sheen. This shade is perfect for your brow bone, inner corner and lid, good in every look!

Buon Fresco – a muted, medium lavender with a matte finish. The texture is a little bit more powdery than some of the other shades.

Antique Bronze – a medium-dark brown with red undertones and a pearly sheen to it. This shade is perfect for a brown smokey eye.

Love Letter – a beautiful dark berry shade with cool undertones and a matte finish. This shade is very buildable.

Cyprus Umber – a dark brown, coffee like shade with warmer red undertones throughout and a matte finish.

Raw Sienna – is a neutral amber with golden undertones and a matte finish. The texture is soft and creamy while still being very buildable on the skin.

Burnt Orange – a deep orange-brown with warm undertones through it and a matte finish. The texture is soft and smooth, but a little dusty. Good shade to use to deepen the crease.

Primavera – a light, medium peachy gold with warm undertones and a frosted, metallic sheen. This shade was soft to apply but slightly dusty with a little fallout. It’s a little drier than the other colours in the palette too. However, it is such a beautiful colour it is one of my favourites in the palette.

Red Ochre – a medium, dark red with subtle warm undertones and a matte finish. This is a really cool sort of brick-red brown colour and can see it being a favourite amongst people. The texture is silky smooth so it blended out quite well, but also did sheer out a little so building up this shade would work better.

Venetian Red – a medium-dark crimson red shade with a matte finish. This shade is the driest in the palette and kicked up excess product when applied.

Warm Taupe – a medium earthy brown with a matte finish. This is a good neutralising shade to blend with if a different brown is a little too warm.

Realgar – a medium-dark orange with warm undertones with a matte finish. There is good pigmentation to this shade and a very silky smooth texture.

modern renaissance side on.jpg

Overall, I think this palette has an amazing shade range. The blendability and pigmentation is very impressive. Also a good thing to note is this palette actually has a really good brush included, some palettes come with brushes that are crap but this one isn’t. The velvet packaging is very easy to get dirty, which isn’t the most convenient. I would definitely say this palette lives up to the hype around it, you would not regret buying this.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this review,

Love Siobhan x