Hi everyone, some of you may know that I have just flew to Australia to begin six months of work and travel. Technically, this is my second day in the country but I am doing an orientation week through Gap 360 and this is my first day in the country with them. 

So today, our main activity was the Sydney walk. I really underestimated the length of this walk. I wore sandals instead of boots (terrible idea) and now my feet have been in pain all day ever since. 

First we walked through Sydney’s Chinatown which was pretty cool. This is actually quite close to our hostel so wasn’t too long a walk. In the streets surrounding our hostel almost every  restaurant is Asian cuisine, with either a 7/11 or subway to occaisionally separate them. In Chinatown there is a large Chinese market which sells clothes, technology and food for super cheap prices which is recommended for backpackers. I am excited to check this place out at the weekend. Through the Chinatown street there is decorations EVERYWHERE for Chinese New Year. Most shops are either restaurants, bubble tea or gelato – definitely making a trip to the gelato shops because it is just soooo yummy. Unfortunately I did not get any photos here to show you guys. 

Next place we strolled along to was Darling Harbour. This is basically a harbour that is surrounded by restaurants, clubs and bars as it is right next to the CBD it is a popular but very expensive place. Walking about here at probably the hottest time of the day was not too enjoyable, I love the sun I just hate sweating and feeling completely gross. 

After that we walked across the huge bridge you see in the background of the photo to go to Hyde Park. Wow, saying we walked to Hyde Park feels a bit weird to me as there is one in the UK but miles away down in England. Hyde Park in Sydney is beautiful, it looks like a peaceful place to come and relax if you need to escape from the busy atmosphere of the city (even though it’s still in the city centre). There is a beautiful fountain in the middle of the park, pretty bushes of flowers everywhere and St Mary’s Cathederal behind too. 

The botanical gardens aren’t too far away from here either. The gardens were beautiful and I will definitely be coming back along but just perhaps on a more cooler and shadier day. There is little notes all around the place to tell you what each plant is, so if you’re into that it’s kinda cool. There were also little hoses by each plant too, this was just tempting to hose myself down and cool off. 

Last big attraction we went to today was the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. By this point in the walk I wasn’t really excited to see these attractions but more just excited to finally stop walking and sit down in the shade. The Opera House is HUGE, quite overwhelming to stand under it and look up. The Harbour Bridge as well was cool, you could see people at the top who did the climb up and I am soooo excited to do that. It seems completely overpriced but it is a one in a lifetime opportunity so the money is worth it. At the side of the Opera House there was also multicoloured chicken statues there, I’m not sure if they are always there or perhaps another decoration for Chinese New Year. 

After the walk I was completely dead and needed to cool down so I thought the best way to do that was to get some passionfruit gelato and a frozen coke. Despite how tiring the walk was it was completely worth it, i still find it a little unbelievable looking at these photos and knowing I was there just a few hours ago. 

So now my first day is over and I can safely say I hope every day travelling is as good as the first. Although I am missing some home comforts, like  not sharing a room with 7 other people and not living out of a suitcase already. 

Hope you enjoyed this post about my day, 

Love Siobhan x