Hi everyone, 

I spent last weekend doing a tour of Fraser Island and it was amazing. Definitely one of my highlights of travelling so far and I just couldn’t wait to share it with you all. This island has some of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen on it as well as being rich with aboriginal history. 
To get to Fraser Island it was probably about 4 hours of travelling all together from Noosa. Once we got to the Island, our first stop was Lake Mackenzie, which is hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. The real name of this lake is Boorangoora as the aboriginals called it. It’s a fresh water lake surrounded with pure, white sand which many people use to exfoliate their skin, hair and teeth. 

That was all the sight seeing for the first day on the Island. However, day two was really busy we visited the champagne pools, Indian head and Maheno shipwreck. 
The Champage Pools are tranquil little swimming pools among the rocks where the waves come crashing it. The rocks are filled with bubbling sea water which some compare to a jucuzzi. I didn’t quite find the water as nice as that, but it was really relaxing to have a paddle around in the water. However, the rocks are covered in slippy seaweed at the bottom so I had to put a lot of effort into not falling over as I am so clumsy. I have to say, after I came out of Lake Mackenzie I felt as if I may as well have come out of my bath whereas the champagne pools made me feel dirty all day due to the high content of salt in the water. 

Indian Head was one of the most interesting parts of the tour due to the history behind it. Indian Head got its name when Captain Cook passed it on a ship and saw many aboriginal people assembled there. The aboriginals assembled there for meetings and also as a court, that’s why Captain Cook would have seen so many there. The original name of the rock to the aboriginals was Tuckee. As we climbed to the top of the rock, we looked for sharks and dolphins but we didn’t see any which was a shame. 

The Maheno shipwreck was another interesting thing to visit on the island. At one point this ship was the fastest in the world, it was used in transporting routes between Australia and New Zealand for a long time. It was a hospital ship for New Zealand in WW1, before getting caught in a cyclone in 1935 where it ended up on Fraser Island.  

These were my highlights of my weekend in Fraser Island, it’s a beautiful place to explore and I am so lucky I have had the oppertunity to spend time there. Any trip travelling up the East Coast of Australia wouldn’t be complete without visiting here. 
Hope you all enjoyed this post,  

Siobhan x