Hey everyone, today’s post is going to be on reviewing the UD Ultimate Basics palette as the title suggests. I am currently forcing myself to write this as I am so exhausted from working the entire weekend, but I need to be productive. When I first started buying pricey, good quality make up Urban Decay was always my go-to brand. It was always exciting getting to spend my wages from my part-time job on a naked palette, so naturally I was very excited to get this one.

naked 1

Let’s talk about the packaging first. I LOVE this compact, it is a rose gold compact with a bursting design centring around Urban Decay’s logo. The compact is actually super light  but also durable too which is handy if you are carrying it around or travelling with it. Inside the palette there is a large mirror, a brush and 12 eyeshadows. I have to be honest and say I am not a huge fan of the brush in this palette, I don’t find it the easiest to work with so I just stick to my Morphe brushes.

I find with some shades in all the Naked palettes that the shades are either really pigmented with high colour pay-off orrrr the opposite where the shades are chalky and much less pigmented. This palette was pretty in between where some shades are beautiful and pigmented and others, not so much. However, I still love Urban Decay and love neutral and matte eyeshadows so from the get go I knew I would be purchasing this product.

naked 2

It is a very rare thing to be able to look at a palette and know that I would use every single colour in there but I 100% will here. It has the perfect range of shades to create basic, nude every day looks but has shades for going out, heavier and smokey looks too. Instinct and Lethal are my two absolute faves from this palette, they match so well with my Too Faced lipstick and I am so into that look right now. The layout of this palette is much better than the other Naked palettes. I totally prefer the 2 x 6 layout compared to the long line of shadows and the smaller mirror. Back to the fact that I would use every shade in this palette, I love that UD filled this palette with completely usable colours. Nothing annoys me more than when you buy a neutral palette and there is just one over the top, bright colour that doesn’t fit into the colour scheme at all.

Here are some photos of the swatches I did. I can FINALLY say I am getting better at that as they actually resemble a straight-ish line on my arm instead of slowly sliding round the front of it like they used too. Let’s discuss the colours in a wee bit of depth now.

Blow – a peachy light beige with warm undertones and a pearly shimmer. Perfect for a wee bit of highlighting round the eye. This is the only non-matte eyeshadow in the whole palette. This shade has good pigmentation with a soft and blendable texture.

Nudie – a light-medium peachy-beiege with warm undertones and a matte finish. The texture is a bit softer and thinner so doesn’t apply so well with the first layer. I normally use this shade as a base shadow.

Commando –  a muted, medium-dark brown with subtle warm undertones and a matte finish. It felt very soft and smooth which helped it blend out nicely on the skin.

Tempted – a medium-dark taupe brown with a hint of rosiness and warmer undertones paired with a matte finish. This shadow can be pulled off in a warm or cool look depending on what shadows you pair it with.

Instinct – a muted, dusty, rosy muave with neutral to cool undertones with a matte finish. My favourite shade in the palette can be a lil bit sheerer than the other shades but when applying  a few layers to your eyes it is fine. This lasts all day and has survived on my eyelids through many 9 hour waitressing shifts.

Lethal – a deep plum with a matte finish. The consistency of this shade is quite thin but it still applies nicely on the eye and blends out evenly. It doesn’t look as plummy on the eyelids as it does in the pan which is a shame, but I still love this paired with instinct.

Pre-game – this is a sort of buttery, yellow shade with warm undertones and a matte finish. It has good colour pay-off and blends well. However, I hate this shade. It is definitely my least favourite shade in the whole palette.

Extra Bitter – a medium-dark, earthy copper brown with red undertones and a matte finish. This shade is SO pigmented and is one of the best performing eyeshadows in the palette. The texture was so smooth and so blendable.

Faith – a soft medium brown with yellow undertones and a matte finish. This has a soft, smooth and silky consistency which makes it easy to work with on your skin as it provides rich coverage and blends well.

Lockout – a dark brown with subtle warm undertones and a matte finish. It is a wee bit darker than Faith with less yellow undertones. Personally, I think this and Faith are far too similar to be in the same palette nevermind the shade next to the other one. However, the texture was soft and easily blendable. This is one of the easier shades in the palette to work with.

Magnet – a muted, dark grey with hints of purple undertones and a matte finish. The formula for this is rather thin but easily blendable. I thought this shade applied quite chalky as well and wasn’t the best to work with.

Blackjack – a deep black with a matte finish. The texture was so soft with a little excess being picked up in the pan but it is a fairly blendable eyeshadow. However it isn’t the best black eyeshadow and is used best to apply in sheerer layers to avoid unevenness or just to add a smoky touch to your eye make-up.

naked 6

My overall comments on this are that at first glance I love this palette and I think the range of shades are amazing as they are so usable. The first row is definitely my favourite as I use them every day but the second row is full of heavier colours I would lean more towards using for a night-out or a day I had something special planned.  The shadows look a lot lighter in the pan than when they are actually applied – all shades apply slightly darker than what they appear. Most of the shadows in this palette are a little but thin but still apply smoothly but don’t have the creamy or buttery texture I really like eyeshadows to have. Mostly I am so impressed with this palette, and despite the small criticisms I have made I am still going to use this every day.

Have any of you tried this palette? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Hope you all enjoyed reading this,

Siobhan x