Hi everyone, this post is about my favourite shows to watch on Netflix. I definitely watch far too much Netflix to the point where it is a bit embarrassing to admit. I’m also someone who thinks I watch amazing TV shows and once I start talking about them I can’t stop. I’m gonna just explain a bit about the show and a few reasons why I like it. 

1) Gossip Girl 

I only started watching Gossip Girl last year and since then I have been OBSESSED. With the constant drama, love triangles and the amazingly good looking cast life on the Upper East Side never looked so appealing. I have rewatched this series continuously since I finished it so this is a much watch on Netflix. This show just makes me wish I was a beautiful socialite in NYC with a very wealthy family. 

2) Pretty Little Liars

I have been watching this show since it first aired. Despite many, many stupid plot holes this is a very good watch. The plot centres around the disappearance of Alison Dilaurentis and her 4 friends being blackmailed by an anonymous identity known only as A. As the seasons go on, the Liars create more problems for themselves and A becomes more serious and the game becomes very threatening. Anyone who watches PLL knows it’s impossible to explain the plot to anyone else but it’s an exciting must-watch even if I possibly gave the worst description ever. 

3) How To Get Away With Murder 

This show focusses on Middleton University law professor Annelise Keating and her 5 students literally getting away with murder. Each episode focusses on a new trial whilst there is flashbacks and flash forwards to the particular event each season focusses on. The main focus of seasons one and two are murders whereas season three focusses on a fire. This show is extremely easy to get hooked on because the entire way through you’re dying to know exactly what happened because of all the flashback/flash forwards. 

4) Stranger Things. 

Now I’m not normally into sci-fy shows or anything but I absolutely loved this. I watched to find out what the hell happened to Will Buyers, that’s what the whole show is centred around. My pet hate is when a tv show is centred around something like a disappearance but then doesn’t even properly focus on it (Riverdale). Every actor is amazing in this show, Winona Ryder playing Joyce especially. Joyce is a nervous wreck through the whole series and Ryder plays this perfectly which just makes everything more believable. 

5) Orange Is The New Black

I watch this show purely for all of the original characters, everyone is so original and I want to know why everyone in actually in Litchfield. Each season gets better than the last which is unusual for a show. There is amazing rivalries in this show as well as blossoming friendships and relationships. You can’t help but root for Piper and Alex just like when you can’t help but pick sides when Piper was at war with Maria and the hispanics. This is a show for everyone who wants to see a successful, female driven show that tackles real issues inmates in prisons face (prison overcrowding, bad meals etc)

6) Riverdale

My complaint I just mentioned about this show still stands, considering it’s supposed to be centred around Jason Blossoms murder, I don’t actually think the show focusses on it that much. Even with that complaint, I was obsessed and watched this show religiously on Netflix every Friday. Finding out this show was based on the Archie Comics I loved when I was younger. The friendships between Betty and Veronica (sometimes Cheryl) are on point. Every one of them is so strong and they take no shit from anybody. Riverdale is a good watch if you love teen dramas which I do, probably obvious from this list. 

Okay this is it. These are my favourite TV shows to watch on Netflix, I could go on and on about them for a lot longer. I would love to know what you all think of the shows I listed if you’ve watched them or if you have any new Netflix suggestions for me! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this, 

Siobhan x