Hi everyone, today I am talking about Eat Pretty: Nutrition For Beauty, Inside and Out by Jolene Hart. I read this book for the first time about two years ago. I picked it up when I was shopping in Urban Outfitters in Glasgow and was instantly drawn in by it’s intriguing title and attractive cover. I follow a vegan diet and have done for the past 3/4 years, so when I picked this up I was very interested in seeing the nutritional value in what I am eating. However, the reason I am re-reading this book and reviewing it is because I have stopped caring about the nutrition in what I eat and while I still follow a vegan diet, it is not a healthy one. So here I am, embarking on my Eat Pretty journey once again.

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When I first read this book I followed the healthy eating mantra this book projects for probably the best part of a year. After that, I still ate healthy but I just cared less about eating healthy all the time. However, now I just don’t care which is so bad especially as I follow a vegan diet where I need to make sure I am eating the right things so I’m not lacking in any vitamins.

Eat Pretty promotes the idea that our diet is the most important tool we have in looking our best and feeling our best too. It doesn’t matter what creams and oils we use that promote clear, healthy and glowing skin as most of it comes down to our diet. After all, we are what we eat – this is a phrase that Jolene uses on page seven of the book because it is true.

The book is split into three parts: Part 1 – Rethink Beauty, Part 2 – Four Seasons To Eat Pretty, Part 3 – The Essential Beauty Players.

Part 1 – Rethink Beauty

There are multiple chapters in each part, the first chapter in Part 1 discusses “beauty betrayer foods” which are things like alcohol, caffeine, dairy, fizzy drinks – things everyone should already know are unhealthy. However, we learn here why these things are so bad for our bodies and how they affect our outward appearances. Jolene explains the Eat Pretty manta which is how you create a positive relationship with food by eating the right things to create the best version of yourself. Chapter 3 is interesting as there is a Beauty Nutrient chart stating the vitamin, how it positively affects your body and which foods will provide that.

Part 2 – Four Seasons to Eat Pretty 

This is one of the most useful of the whole book as it tells you what is in season and at what time of the year. Jolene goes into detail about what nutrients each food contains and how that positively affects our bodies. Within each section about the seasons the book contains some amazing recipes which follow the Eat Pretty manta containing ingredients we have just learned about.

Part 3 – The Essential Beauty Players

This chapter talks about beauty beyond our plate as it expands and goes into detail about other factors that contribute to health and beauty other than our diet. Jolene discusses other topics like good digestion and assimilation and how important they are to eating pretty. She states that a healthy liver is the key to clear skin as we want the liver to be functioning efficiently to be removing all the toxins from our blood. Jolene also talks about how hormones effect our body and appearance, the importance of getting enough sleep and the influence of emotional health too.

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The answer to that is yes, and I only realised that because of this book. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about how clean eating affects their health.The reason I consider this book to be so influential is because I learnt so much and it really did change the way I looked at food and my diet. There is so much amazing information regarding health and beauty in here so many people can read it and adapt their lifestyle to suit, not just those who want to have clearer skin. When I first read this book two years ago, it changed my diet and outlook on health and beauty. Now after reading it a second I feel just as inspired to take the steps to become the best and healthiest version of myself.

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Hope you all enjoyed reading this post. I would love to know if you have read this book and what you thought of it, or if you want to read it!

Siobhan x