My Current Favourite Affordable Skincare Products

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and enjoying your summer. I was brain storming for days about what I should write my next post on. I have so many blog post ideas but there was none I wanted to write. Do you ever get like that? Skincare is something I don’t really splash out on, £20 is probably the most I would ever spend on any product unless I felt like the world was going to end if I didn’t buy it. So I think that makes all of my skincare products pretty affordable.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Let’s talk about the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I use this daily at night times to remove my make up. This works wonders for removing make up, even when I wear really heavy make-up after using 3-4 cotton pads with the water rubbed on it my face is clean. After use your face feels soft, clean and fresh – there is no feelings of grease or oil left afterwards which is great as this is advertised as a no rinse cleanser. This product is £1.99 on it is a complete and utter bargain.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleaner

Next to discuss is The Body Shop Cream Cleanser, I know I already spoke about this in my June Favourites post so I am gonna keep this paragraph short and sweet. I use this after I have taken off my make-up just to get rid of the last little bits of dirt on my face if there is any. This product leaves my skin feeling cleaner, softer and fresher. This is a very effective product, it’s hydrating and suitable for all skin types. This costs £7.50 and comes in a reasonably large bottle so it will last a long time even with every day use, totally worth the money.


Fair Naturally Cotton and Cucumber Facial Toner

I use this after cleansing my face, this is normally the last product I use before I call it quits when cleaning my face at night. This is a gentle toner with a very crisp and fresh scent to it which I adore. This is a very cooling toner which is nice on the skin and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed. The best thing about this product is the smell, I’m honestly obsessed with it. This costs £4 and is worth every penny.

The Body Shop Skin Clearing Tea Tree Face Mask 

No post discussing skincare favourites is complete without talking about a face mask. This face mask is super cooling and refreshing designed to calm blemished skin. When I get spots, which I do right now, I always lean towards this mask. This won’t 100% clear anybody’s spots so don’t think it will, however it does lessen the appearance of them. This mask is super easy to rinse off and leaves skin feeling smooth and clean.


The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream

Last product on my list is my new favourite day cream. This is designed for sensitive and dry skin, I do  not have particularly sensitive skin but the skin on my face can get really dry at times. This moisturiser is free of fragrance, preservatives and alcohol. I use this every morning without fail before applying make up – it is SO hydrating. It is £13 which some may think is a bit pricey as you do only get a small tub but a little goes a long way with this cream. You don’t need to apply loads and loads, it’s so moisturising and nice on the skin it’s unreal.

So here is the end of my favourite affordable skincare products, most from The Body Shop which is not surprising. Maybe I should branch out and try some other brands, so if anyone has some good skin care brand/product recommendation please let me know in the comments. If you have tried any of these products or want to know more I would love to hear your thoughts as well.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this,

Siobhan x


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My name is Siobhan, I'm an 18 year old girl from the Highlands in Scotland. I made this blog because I'm an aspiring journalist. I am into make up, fitness and healthy eating, fashion and reading - these are most likely going to be the primary topics of my blog.

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  1. The micellar water is definitely a holy grail for me! I admit I thought the whole cleansing water thing was a gimmick but then I tried it and it really does a great job!
    I’m looking to try that tea tree mask from the body shop. They’ve got some pretty good skincare options.

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  2. I am totally right there with you as far as the blog post ideas go. I’ll have so many ideas and then draw a blank as to what to actually post when i sit down to post something. Obviously, you overcame it though! This was such a good post! i used to be so skeptical about micellar water, I thought it was all a hoax but once I tried the Sephora one I was amazed at how it not only took off my make-up but cleared my skin up! I’ll have to try the one by Garnier!

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  3. I use the Garnier skin cleanser, too! It’s sooo brilliant, I love it. I have a few of body shops products that I’ve been brought for Christmas and birthdays, but I’ve yet to get around to using them. I use a lot of the Simple products, which are decent! X

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  4. Hey! I’m so glad when you say affordable you actually mean it! 😀 I love the sound of the tea tree clay mask, I’ve got into a really bad habit of using a facewipe and going to bed, my face needs some love 😂🙈 x

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  5. I used to work in The Body Shop and I still absolutely adore their skincare, especially the Vitamin E and Seaweed ranges! If you love the Tea Tree mask I’d definitely recommend their Himalayan Charcoal Mask as it has tea tree oil in too and green tea leaves which act as an exfoliant and a super detoxing ingredient, I could NOT live without it now! They’re usually happy to give you a little sample to take away before you buy it too 🙂
    Alice Xx

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  6. Sadly I can’t use the garner micellar water as it irritates my sensitive skin! I use on from bioderma that I love though. Really like the sound of the vitamin e cleanser and aloe day cream from the body shop! I’ll definitely have to pick them up next time I place an order!
    You should try the Tea Tree Toner from body shop, I use it every night to keep spots away!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

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  7. TBS is probably one of my favourite places to go for skincare. Their Vitamin E serum saved my dry skin years ago, and I’ve been reaching for them ever since. I’m gonna check out the clay mask though, sounds right up my street!

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  8. I got the Micellar Cleansinf Water in a goodie bag but haven’t used it yet, definitely going to check it out after seeing your post. Love the sound of the Tea Treee Clay Mask. I’ve only recently posted about a Face Mask and was on the lookout for alternatives to try. Lovely post.


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