Hi everyone, something a bit different is coming on the blog today. Since moving to Glasgow I have become such a foodie. I love eating out and cooking different types of food so much. I even wrote my university blog on vegan food in Glasgow.

As mentioned in some previous blog posts I follow a vegan diet and this year is coming up my 4th year of being vegan. I don’t normally write about restaurants on this blog but I’m making an exception for my all time favourite place, Mono Cafe Bar.

Mono is located in the heart of Merchant City in Glasgow next to some vintage clothes shop. Mono is also home to a record shop, Monorail Music inside their restaurant and is partial to having some gigs held their too.

My first visit to this restaurant was last September and I remember walking around the streets for half an hour getting lost trying to find this place.

My last visit to Mono was last weekend where I was left amazed once again. I visited here with my mum and gran for Mother’s Day.

Mono is a fully vegan restaurant but this doesn’t mean only vegans eat there. The food is amazing and doesn’t require any animal products to be that good.

There is an extensive list of hot, cold, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks at Mono, however I stick to the classic Old Mout Cider.

Last weekend I ordered artichoke fritters, Mac and cheese and a chocolate fudge banana split. The artichoke fritters were amazing – the batter was crispy and not greasy which complimented the soft artichoke amazingly. There was also vegan tartar sauce which I thought I’d hate but paired with this dish was amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any photos of this.

I’ve had the mac and cheese here before and I am always left amazed. When I went vegan I thought that was me giving up Mac and cheese but Mono have managed to create a vegan version of my favourite dish. I got chips and salad with this as well because it feels wrong to have Mac and cheese with anything else.

The desert in the photo above is a classic favourite of mine from a young age. I used to cry for banana split’s whenever I would go out for food with my mum and dad when I was younger. My love for them still stands now. The ice cream is delicious but the real highlight of this is the fudge sauce. I could literally take a straw to a bowl of it and just drink it, it’s that good.

Mono has a seriously relaxed vibe with mix and match chairs and a serious of gig posters all over the walls. Another wall next to the stage features silver brew bats reminding me of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory for some reason.

This is a restaurant to be enjoyed by meat eaters and vegans alike because the lack of animal products doesn’t take away from the delicious food.